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White Absolution Logo

Signage Design, Bottle and Mug Design, Packaging Design, Sales Sheets, Merchandise, Menu Design, Beer Handle Design, Icon and Logo Creation using ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop

Outside of the Absolution by the Sea Location

I was never much of a beer drinker, but that was before I ever had anything craft. Even with my inexperience in understanding the intricate process of brewing beer, or even what a hop was, I found myself collaborating with one of the most popular private breweries in Southern California.

Working directly with the founders of this high-end beer company, I used my design skills to take their identity from a basic tap room to one that has expanded across Southern California and even into retail spaces, like Whole Foods and BevMo.

Image of the Tan Samurai Laying in the grass

From An Idea to reality

With a ton of design needs for the brewery, I got right to work with revamping bottle designs for special lines of beer, packages for in-store sales, beer tap handles that would be sent to different restaurants, and even merchandise, I was able to show my diverse skillset of branding design. Using my skills in Illustrator and even with just a piece of paper and pencil, I successful turned out branding and pieces of design that have continued to be used for years by the company.

Seeing my designs in hand and produced for the masses was a very special feeling. But knowing that it was on a product that I myself enjoyed so much was even better. With a step into the Beer industry now, the next project with Absolution would be even larger than the previous, moving to branding the new restaurant the owners were building in La Jolla, CA.

Outside of the Absolution by the Sea Location
Absolution by the Sea in La Jolla

With a new project underway, I was very excited to see the final outcome of what I had created. Very pleased with their design for their Los Angeles Location, Absolution requested that I lead the branding for their new restaurant. Taking inspiration from the name and the grittiness of the overall brand, I created a logo that was representative of their new location. Logo in hand, the next steps were designing things FOR the restaurant such as uniforms, mugs, and even the menus that they would end up using. 

After a two month project, I finally saw my creation take life and be used throughout the building, with large signs in the front and all over restaurant. This was one of my proud moments as a designer. And plus, I get free beer!

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