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PatientPop a Tebra Company

7+ Years, SaaS, Web Design, CSS/HTML, New Hire Training, Sales Training, Client Facing, SEO & Meta Description Knowledge, Sketch, Design Research, Design Sprints, Management, Photoshop, DEI

My Time at Patientpop

With over 7 years of experience as a Senior Web Designer at PatientPop, I launched +2,000 SEO & Google optimized Websites for Private Medical Practices around the country.

Using my expertise in Photoshop, HTML/CSS, and mastery of our four different in-house site design platforms, I am the most tenured Design member at a company that has scaled through 'Hyper Growth' and through a successful merger.

In addition to having the most launched sites at the company, some of my other accomplishments include:

  • Awarded Designer of the Quarter 6 times

  • Led Sales Training for the Department for 4 years

  • Conducted interviews and training for new hires, including management and executive roles

  • Maintained an extremely high 4.7 out of 5 Customer Satisfaction Score Average over 7 years

  • Participated in Design Sprints for 4 Iterations of the Design tool directly with the Software Engineering and Product teams

A collage of some of my recently launched Websites at PatientPop
Image of the Tan Samurai Laying in the grass


Web Design Training

During my time at PatientPop, I led training for New Hires for 4 different Web Design Tools developed by our Software Development and Product Teams.

This training was used for our new web designers as well as for our sales team for them to better understand product limitations. Working with the Sales and Marketing department to create the video, I led with the script and creation of the website for the training video.

SonoBreasts Website

Empowering innovation through our advanced 'Site Creator,' I collaborated closely with PatientPop's Product and Software teams to enhance our cutting-edge web design tool continually. My role extended beyond design—I actively contributed insights for refining and optimizing the tool. With a track record of spearheading the most web design launches at PatientPop, I've set the gold standard for Mid Market websites across the company.

Leveraging my proficiency in CSS/HTML and design thinking, I mastered the intricacies of the new tool, enabling me to craft websites on a scale equivalent to our previous Web Design tools. Explore an early showcase of my work—a meticulously standardized website created on our new platform.


Additional Website Launches

Click to Visit the Live Site


  • Managed & grew the company Instagram Page by more than 2,000%

  • Created assets for social media marketing campaigns in collaboration with the Marketing Department

  • CodeAcademy HTML/CSS Certification