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Hot Tub Boats Font in White

Client Engagement, Icon and Logo Creation using ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop, Merchandise

The printing of the Hot Tub boats
Hot Tub Boats Pattern
Hot Tub Boats Logo

When Hot Tub Boats approached me, there was very little understanding as to how branding would be pivotal in their companies development. With only a jpeg of their previous logo designed to them over 5 years ago, it was time for a refresher on this important part of the business.

With a new logo, refined text, different icons, and patterns at their disposal now, Hot Tub Boats has now set it's sights on a move to Southern California in 2024. Very excited to see what else is in store for this luxury boating company that is sure to become a staple in the sunny part of California.


Identifying elements like the popular Seattle Skyline and colors as key items they would like to implement in their new brand identity, I was able to take their old logo and fully revamp it to scale with the thriving business. Using ProCreate and Illustrator, I took a few different stabs at this process, nailing it right on the head after showing the logo to the business owners and explaining the intention behind each decision.


With a new set of icons and branding assets in hand, Hot Tub Boats quickly turned around the next step of making it seen everywhere possible. From their Facebook profile, new website assets, a new line merchandise for their combined +40k followers on Social Platform, all the way to reprinting their actual boats, Hot Tub Boats now has branding that they are proud of and that is built to scale with the business.



Low Quality Old Hot Tub Boats Logo


High Resolution New Branding for Hot Tub Boats
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