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FIGMA, InVision, Executive Consulting, Agency Correspondence + Design Sprints, Userflows + Wireframing, Departmental Structure, Design Research, Icon and Logo Creation using ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop, Web Design, UX/UI Testing 

How it Started

In the past years, we have seen the global pandemic impact all areas of business and enjoyment. With limited access to doing some of my favorite things, I was approached by a company with an idea to help make up for lost time. SiBi Market is a tech organization that is bringing thrifting to the power of your hands.

Drawing on my rich experience of over 7 years in the Tech Industry, I strategically assembled and led a dynamic team. This collective effort resulted in securing and growing our funding over the course of my 2 years as the design lead. Our journey has been marked by continuous evolution—conducting user research across the United States and refining our tool and branding with the aim of securing Series A investment.

Our journey didn't stop there. We've partnered with over a dozen thrifting stores, conducting extensive Beta Testing on our Progressive Web App (PWA), engaging users across the United States through meticulous research, and perpetually refining both the tool and branding in our pursuit of securing Series A investment.

With a live application enriching the market, growing credibility in the VC space, and a visible presence at revered thrifting hotspots, our lean yet dynamic team has achieved remarkable progress. With a roadmap for 2024, our relentless dedication propels us forward, shaping our once-nascent idea into a flourishing reality.

SiBi Website and Application previewed on a MacBook and iPhone
Image of the Tan Samurai Laying in the grass

From Photoshop to reality

Taking peoples ideas and helping turn them into reality has always been a process that has been very fulfilling to me. In this project, using Photoshop, Illustrator, and FIGMA, I was able to help turn an idea from pen on paper to a funded company.

With an understanding of User Flows and how it connects to UX/UI, I helped create a comprehensive mock up and flow chart for both the Buyer and Seller experience for the company. After consulting and collaborating with a UX/UI designer, we entered into the stages of prototyping our new creation in FIGMA.

With the next step being getting the creation coded and fully built out, I have helped the company Executives relay their wants and have worked directly to 8Base, a Techstars-backed company, that creates full stack low-code development platform for building, running and scaling powerful, feature-rich digital products such as SaaS solutions and marketplaces, internal tools and other web and mobile applications.

FIGMA & WOrk with 8Base

Collaborating seamlessly with 8Base, we embarked on a journey to develop a robust Progressive Web App (PWA) and Mobile platform. From introducing the initial prototype of the customer-facing application (including the Administrative Dashboard, PWA and Mobile application) to refining the final iterations of diverse screens—I've been at the forefront of this transformative project.

Utilizing FIGMA as our creative canvas, I collaborated closely with 8Base's design department, ensuring the application's evolution from concept to completion. Adhering to a dynamic timeline set by the agency, I thrived under 3-day turnaround deadlines, fostering continuous innovation aligned with the product roadmap in collaboration with the company's engineering and product development teams.

Advancing to the next phase, our collaboration extended to the Colombian Development team, Kualty, enhancing the PWA and Mobile application facets. Now live across all App Stores, this marks just the beginning of our journey, with endless improvements and ambitious goals set for the continued progression of this groundbreaking application.


BRANDING, ICON, and Marketing Asset CREATION

As a graphic designer deeply involved in the entire creative process, I take immense pride in my role as a driving force in Branding development. From crafting impactful icons, dynamic backgrounds, and engaging social media posts to designing deck assets and graphics for both the website and application—I've meticulously curated an identity that resonates with our target demographic: the dynamic and youthful thrifting community we aim to capture.


Our vision extends beyond the present, aiming to provide the post-pandemic younger generation with a unique thrifting experience accessible from the palm of their hands. Aligning the brand with the lore created by our founders, I've played a pivotal role in developing an aesthetic that speaks directly to our audience. With an eye on the future, I am thrilled to continue steering the rollout and marketing efforts, unveiling the exciting discoveries our application has to offer