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aka ChaseMor

Multidisciplinary Artist

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About Me

Nestled in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, CA), I've immersed myself in the rich tapestry of design, drawing inspiration from the dynamic energy of this city. Armed with a B.A. in Graphic Design from Loyola Marymount University, my roots trace back to Seattle, weaving together an Afro-Latino and Chinese-American heritage that serves as a vibrant muse for my distinctive art style.

My journey is a testament to my unwavering passion for visually shaping brands, unraveling design intricacies for seamless user experiences, and delving into the profound impact design has on our world. With a wealth of professional experience spanning over seven years, I've navigated the mercurial changes of the Medical Tech field, collaborating with diverse industries including online retail, restaurants, universities, professional sports and the realm of entertainment, engaging with everyone from content creators to renowned entertainers.

Equipped with a diverse skill set encompassing Design and Fine Arts, I've honed my craft for 7+ years in the fast-paced realm of SaaS Technology. This journey has been characterized by extensive cross-departmental collaboration, product development, and fighting for Individual Contributors, cultivating a profound passion for scaling creative endeavors and fighting for a seat at the table.

Now, as I stand at the threshold of new professional ventures, I'm eager to channel my talents and knowledge into turning a fresh page, seeking exciting opportunities that allow me to continue making a meaningful impact through design.

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Notable Experience
SonoBreasts website in different formats
PatientPop a Tebra Company

Medical Tech Company located in Santa Monica, CA

I have experience as a Senior Web Designer at the fast-growing SaaS Health Tech company, PatientPop. Being the longest tenured Design Team member at PatientPop, I played an integral role in the fast scaling by accommodating the design needs of an ever shifting and improving company for over 7 years.

With my hand on the pulse of all things PatientPop, I have worked being client facing, cross departmental operating, and alongside our Executives to ensure the success of this pivotal technology in the effort to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Collage of designed SiBi screens
SiBi Logo

Fashion Tech Company located in Los Angeles, CA

In the wake of the global pandemic's shopping paradigm shift, I found myself at the intersection of Thrifting & Technology, contributing to the design and development of SiBi. I've guided executives on the transformative journey to revolutionize the thrifting experience.

Utilizing my expertise in the Tech industry, insights into user psychology, and proficiency in FIGMA, I crafted the UX/UI for this innovative application. Simultaneously, my Graphic Design skills shaped the brand identity. In this fusion of thrift and tech, I play a pivotal role in reshaping how we engage with the thrifting landscape, hoping to leave a lasting mark on digital thrifting.

BETA Release Announcement
Outside of the Absolution by the Sea Restaurant
Absolution Brewing Company Logo

Brewing Company & Restaurant located in Torrance & La Jolla, CA

Everybody loves Beer. Including me. With this project, I was able to hop in to this project of branding a brewery located in La Jolla and Torrance, CA. Using my love for illustration and design, I was hired to create the signage, merchandise, menu, bottle design, keg collars, and beer handles for the brick and mortar Absolution locations.

Custom bottle design for the Nail Series
Hot Tub Boats Website Preview
Hot Tub Boats Logo

Luxury Boating Company located in Seattle, WA

A hot tub, in a boat, on the Puget Sound. This novelty business, now a staple in the Pacific Northwest and poised for expansion in Southern California, underwent a transformative rebranding under my creative guidance. From crafting web design assets to developing eye-catching patterns for merchandise and overseeing the reprinting of boats, I seamlessly merged my passion for illustration and design to propel this company to success. Witness the journey of brand evolution, recognition, and the spark of social media virality.

(Additional Projects Upon Request)

Artistic Skillset

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Graphic Design

Brand Development

Web Design

Adobe Suite

(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)


UX and UI Design

UX/UI Design


FIGMA & Sketch

App Design (PWA & Mobile Applications)

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Fine Art








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Audio Recording

Recording & Performing Artist

Logic & Ableton


Embark on a visual journey with a street artist, drawing inspiration from anime and fortified by formal training in graphic design and illustration. Infused with a profound grasp of design psychology and user experience, my work offers a unique blend of creativity and functionality. With a contemporary twist on hip-hop aesthetics, I am the artist you need to elevate your brand and captivate your audience. Thank you for visiting DznChase.

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